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About Me

I am Frank, private pilot and professional in the aviation software industry. I am a passionate flyer, as a hobby pilot as well as a passenger on many business trips around the globe.

I have never been able to fly the airliners from seat 0a, which was my childhood dream. Sometimes, life has other plans for us, and I ended up to have a successful career as sales manager for aviation software products. This, on the other hand, has also has given me the opportunity to get access to many different full flight simulator cockpits which is as real as it can get. I could try out the Airbus A321, Embraer 190, Superjet 100 and Boeing 737-400, all of the sessions were great fun!

My free time is dedicated to my family in the first place and then my hobbies, flying VFR aircraft around being one of them. So if you feel you would like to meet for a flight in the Lisbon area, send me a message via the contact form at the page "Fly with me".

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